Pierce-Mate TM is so easy to use daily, you can apply it in no time at all.


Follow These Seven Simple Steps

1. WITHOUT touching the adhesive, remove the adhesive paper liner from the individual Pierce-Mate TM

2. Choose LeDisc or LeDisc PlusTM
, depending on the type of pierced earring and application you are using.
(See When to Use Pierce-MateTM with LeDiscTM or LeDisc PlusTM )

3. Position LeDisc TMor LeDisc PlusTM on top of the exposed Pierce-MateTM and press down firmly. Pierce-MateTM will adhere to disc.

4. Hold the edges of LeDisc TMor the blackclasp of LeDisc PlusTM to avoid touching the adhesive.
Pierce-MateTM, lift the disc from the Pierce-MateTM sheet.

5. Using your pierced earring post, first pierce the applied Pierce-MateTMat the hole in the center of LeDisc TMor LeDisc PlusTM. Once pierced, remove.

6. Insert earring post into your earlobe at the highest point of the pierced hole. Maintaining this position, apply the attatched LeDiscTM/Pierce-MateTM or LeDisc PlusTM/Pierce-MateTM
on to the inserted earring post behind earlobe.* Press FIRMLY against earlobe.

7. REMOVAL IS SIMPLE!**Pull the adhesive disc away from the back or front of your earlobe.
Then, peel off Pierce-MateTM from whichever disc you used. Reapply a fresh Pierce-Mate TMthe next day

*To help you position Pierce-MateTM with LeDisc TM at the back or front of your earlobe, try using an earring post as a guide.
**Earrings can be temporarily removed without removing the Pierce-MateTM Disc. Simply pull out the pierced earring. When reinserting pierced earring, press Pierce-Mate TM against the back of your earlobe.