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LeDisc Plus TM
(With clutch attached)
Prevents pierced earrings from drooping, tilting, and eliminates earring backing friction
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How to use LeDisc
LeDisc PlusTM is a clear plastic hypo-allergenic disc worn with attached bullet style backing used with pierced earrings to provide earring support and stability.

LeDisc PlusTM is an easy to hold, hypo-allergenic disc with bullet style backing attached. Insert your post as usual, and secure earring with LeDisc PlusTM earring accessories on post behind your earlobes.

LeDisc Plus
Before and After With Ledisc Plus

Provides support and stability to earlobes
Enhances earring presentation
Provides extra comfort
Prevent sagging earrings
Eliminates back clasp irritation on the earlobe
6 Pairs Per Box

The disc provides support and stability to the earlobe enhancing the presentation of the earring.