Pierce-Mate TM
"Pierced Ear Reinforcer" - solve your ear lobe stretching and creased earlobe problems!
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Your Stretched Ear Lobes Best Friend!

Pierce-MateTM temporarily reconstucts a torn earlobe and prevents further ear lobe stretching and tearing. By applying this hypo-allergenic medical grade adhesive pierced ear re-enforcer to the back of the stretched ear lobe. Pierce-MateTM will enable you once again to wear any style of pierced earring, regardless of its size or weight, just like when you first pierced your ears.
Why You Need Pierce-MateTM

For protection, shortly after ears are first pierced, to prevent stretched or creased earlobe.

For support, when heavy pierced earrings are worn.

To help prevent an earlobe from tearing or stretching if a pierced earring is accidentally pulled on.

If tearing has already occurred, Pierce-MateTM will prevent additional tearing or ear lobe stretching .

Eliminates costly reconstructive earlobe surgery in order to wear pierced earrings again.

Stops stud earrings from falling through the hole in your earlobe.

The Facts About Pierce-MateTM
Pierce-MateTM considered to be a "Pierced Ear Reinforcer" that is inconspicuously applied to the back of your stretched or creased earlobe.

Pierce-MateTM is also the best way to protect your pierced ear lobe from being stretched, creased or torn when wearing pierced earrings.

Recommended for daily use
100% safe for repeated skin contact
Hypo-Allergenic medical grade adhesive
Put through rigid medical testing
Non-toxic, clear, inconspicuous, affordable and easy to use.

picture of ear with pierce mate

picture of ear with pierce mate

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Each Package Contains:

60 Pierce-MatesTM(one to two month supply)
2 LeDiscTM stabilizer applicaters
2 LeDisc PlusTM stabilizer applicaters
Easy to Follow Detailed Instructions