allergic reactions
Allergic Reaction Block TM
Eliminates skin to metal allergic reactions and makes all your jewelry and earrings hypoallergenic
Symptoms Earring Enhancers
The Problem:

Research shows that 44% of people are allergic to various types of jewelry.

Introducing the Solution:

Allergic Reaction Block TM has been specifically formulated by laboratory chemists to provide a hypoallergenic shield insulating your skin from metal irritation, when applied to jewelry or any metal touching your skin.

Two Simple applications of Reaction Block TM on your jewelry will allow you to wear jewelry that will no longer irritate your skin. This revolutionary transparent brush on coating is durable, quick drying and completely hypoallergenic.

hypoallergenic earrings made possible by Reaction Block

Allergic reactions to earrings? Reaction block makes hypoallergenic earrings and jewelry

Applications of Reaction Block TM
Can be used with:

  • Earrings posts, clips, backclasps

  • Rings

  • Watches, buckles and case backs

  • Chains-clasps

  • Necklaces-clasps

  • Pendants

  • Chains

  • Eyeglasses-metal frames

  • And much, much, more!!!
  • Each Bottle Contains: 10ML , 1/3 oz. of Reaction Block TM and detailed instructions