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    Earrings Droop, Tilt or Wobble
   Torn Earlobe
   Stretched Earlobe
   Earrings Pull
   Clip Earrings Pinch and Hurt
   Clip Earrings Slide Off
   Convert Pierced Earrings to Clip
   Create Clip Earrings
   Broken Earring Clip
   Convert Clip Earrings to Pierced
   Broken Earring Post
   Create Pierced Earrings
   Earring Backing Replacements
   Wire Earrings Slide Out of Ear
   Skin is Irritated from Jewelry
   Skin Turns Black or Green
   Create a Pin
   Dirty and Tarnished Jewelry
   Pierced Earring Products
   Clip Earring Products
Earring Conversion Kits
   Jewelry Cleaner
   Hypo-Allergenic Coating
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Everyones Favorite!! Ledisc Plus Buy Yours Today!!
Are your pierced earlobes damaged? Are they torn or stretched, making it impossible to wear pierced earrings? Wear them again WITHOUT costly surgery.
Do you want to protect the hole in your earlobe before being damaged by constant wear or accidental tearing from pierced earrings?
How to provide earlobe protection after a costly surgical earlobe repair caused by wearing pierced earrings.
Do you want to eliminate that "old" elongated earlobe look when you wear heavy pierced earrings?
Are you unable to wear the pierced earring style you found because you do not have pierced ears? Convert pierced to clip style, instantly.
Do your earrings droop, wobble, tilt, or just will not sit upright on your ear?
Has the earring post broken off from your favorite earrings and needs a quick and easy instant repair?
Do clip earrings hurt your earlobes? Here's how to cushion them for added comfort
Unable to find the earring style you want to wear. Create your own pierced or clip earring.
Do you want to repair a broken clip earring?
Do you want to convert a clip earring to pierced?
Do "Huggy" style earrings "droop"when worn?
Do "Omega" or "French" style earrings (post and clip combined) hurt or droop?
LOST AN EARRING? What do you do with the remaining one?Make a pin out of it, instantly.
Have you LOST AN EARRING BACKING at the wrong time? Need Replacements?
Do you need larger metal earring backs, providing disc shaped stability that you can easily pick up, apply and find when dropped?
Does your skin get irritated from an allergic reaction or turn green or black from wearing earrings and jewelry? Does any metal to skin contact cause you a problem?
Does the earring backing friction irritate your earlobe?
Are your clip earrings too loose or too tight?
Do dangling, long wire style pierced earrings "ride out" of your earlobe and need to be secured?
Don't like to use messy jewelry cleaners? Clean your earrings and other jewelry with a safe, no scrub, no rinse, easy to use spray on foam cleaner. Jewel Renewel smells pleasant and is transportable (will not spill or leak).
All of these products are made of the highest quality materials and are designed to improve earlobe comfort of your ears and the appearance of your earrings when worn.