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I appreciate all the kind words I have been sent. If you would like to send me a comment about my products or what they have done for you, and have it posted on this page, click here.

Eileen H. Middlesex, England
"I purchased a box of Le Disc Plus earring enhancers. These are absolutely fantastic as I have floppy earlobes and until aquiring this product, I have only been able to wear small earrings. Now, any earrings that I like, I can wear! So congratulations on a superb product."

Joan C. Saint John, NB
"Last year I purchased a box of 'Le Disc' earring enhancers. They were an immediate success! I quickly shared my discoveries with many others and even gave mine away as samples. Send me another box! I am lost without them as many of my earring sets I cannot wear without Le Disc."

Jackie W. Fort Worth, Texas

"I would like to say how happy I was to find an item that allows me to wear pierced earrings again. I went five years wearring painful clip earrings to cover up an earlobe that tore when my toddler pulled an earring through my piercing. I never thought there could be an easy solution as this. I explored surgery which was very costly and never seemed to be a high enough priority to go to such extreme. I am really lost without your product and look forward to getting some more."

Annette C. West Palm Beach, Florida
"I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful earring converters. I just changed a pair of clips to pierced. What a great idea! I'm going to tell all my girlfriends about my 'find'."

Patricia B. Berkley, MI 48072
"Recently I purchased a pair of 'Drop Stops' for my wire earrings. They are so much more attractive than the white rubber ones I've seen, because they are metal. I believe that I am not the only consumer who would be pleased to use your product on all my earrings, not just a few."

June P. Prescott, Ontario
"Just a little note to say thanks for a fantastic little disc called Le Disc that has solved my sagging earring problem. They are great! I have given your name to my local jeweler here in Prescott."

L.A. N. Winnipeg, Manitoba
"I would like to take a moment to congratulate you on your solution to a most annoying drooping earring problem. Your "earring enhancers", Le Disc Plus are a Godsend. I'm sure in time more people will hear about them, or it will certainly be their loss. I am now able to wear any style of pierced earring.
Again, thank you and congratulations."

Catherine J. Montreal, Quebec
"I saw your fabulous ad in June issue of Jewellery Magazine. I especially like your 'Slip-Ons for Clip-Ons'.
Please send me 4 boxes so I can wear my clip earrings comfortably. Enclosed is a cheque for $20.00 to cover the cost."

Ruth P. Goleta, CA
"I bought your product 'Le Disc Plus' last fall in the store. Many of my earrings I couldn't wear before, I can now. Could you please send me an order form or tell me where I can get then in my area. I would love to order them for my friends."

Maureen C. Freeport, NY
"While on vacation I purchased some of your products to stop my clip earrings from hurting my ears but I cannot find them near my home in Long Island. May I purchase them directly from you? I would like to purchase two boxes of 'Slip-Ons for Clip-Ons'. Tell me how much they cost, etc have them sent to me."

Loren A. Kailua, HI
"Please send me a box of Le Disc. Enclosed is $3.00. They are my 'got to haves'. Thank you!"

Dorothy D. Palm Beach, FL
"I was fortunate enough to come across your product 'Slip-Ons for Clip-Ons' earrings, which I find is a much needed product, but has been hard to find. I am enclosing $20.00 and would appreciate it very much if you would send me as many packages as this will buy. Thank you very much."

Paula C. Edina, MN
"I have always suffered from a reaction to any metal but now am using your product 'Reaction Block'. My ears no longer itch when I wear my earrings! Thanks so much for this great product."

Jane T. Portland, OR
"You saved me with your great quick fix item 'Postables'. I broke my earring post while traveling and needed to wear them for a wedding I was attending. I fixed them on the spot. What a simple idea that works so well."