Don’t Pay for Expensive Procedures!

Do your earrings not stay in place like they used to? Do you suffer from stretched piercings that make you feel self-conscious about showing off your ears and earrings? You may have tried to use larger earrings to cover up, but cut down the selection of earrings you can wear! There’s an inexpensive easy-to-use way to cover up and life your earrings to sit in the perfect place!

Use a product like CamEARflage: Add one of the signature discs to the front of your ear on your earring to cover up the stretched earlobe, then add a disc to the back of your ear for extra lift and support! CamEARflages come with double-sided adhesive patches that keep the discs in place against your earlobe so you don’t have to worry about CamEARflages slipping out of place!