Ear Piercing Concerns and Why You Shouldn’t be Concerned

It’s all about choice by a parent when the child is young or the child’s choice when they can discuss it with a parent.

As far as issues with earlobe problems are concerned there are ways to safeguard against them occurring. As the Earring Doctor, I have been dealing with earrings and the problems they may cause for over 25 years so I think I’m probably an expert in the field.

Here are a few tips to avoid some of the problems outlined above.

Be sure to first of all have earlobes pierced by a professional, properly trained to do so. Find out how many times they have done earlobe piercing and get a reference from others before deciding where to go and who to use. I believe that’s what most prudent folks do when it comes to any “surgical procedure” performed. Kids in the mall kiosks tend to make me extremely nervous when I see them doing a piercing procedure. After all, I have heard of countless stories of how they were done to low or not even etc.

Next, DO Not allow your children or yourself to sleep with any earring on after they have healed from the time that the initial ear piercing studs are removed. About 6- 8 weeks. If one does sleep with an earring on, it can lead to the backing getting lodged in the earlobe piercing. Sleeping with earrings on will also put a pulling stress on the piercing thus enlarging the piercing over time. Another way to avoid the problem of backs becoming lodged in an earlobe hole is to wear one of my products called Le Disc. It acts as a protective “washer” worn behind the ear, on the post in between the back and the earlobe so it won’t allow the back to penetrate the earlobe piercing. It also protects the earlobe from getting chafed by the earring back. Le Disc also helps keep your heavy earrings upright and looking better when worn.

For those of you that have actually damaged the hole in your earlobe because you either wore too heavy an earring or did sleep with them on or suffered from some earlobe trauma I also created a pierced earlobe support to enable you to wear any weight or style of earring once again. It’s called Pierce-Mate and it can provide an “ear lift” so the earring sits at the top of your piercing. No surgery needed to repair the damage and it will protect from future or further damage. Pierce-Mate also helps eliminate the tired, dragged down, extended earlobe look, especially when you wear hoops or wire earrings. No more cheese cutter damage from wires.

Another point I want to stress is not to use peroxide or alcohol to clean newly pierced or infected earlobe piercings. These tend to dry out the skin and irritate them further. They will kill bacteria but also healing flesh.

I can go on and on but it might be easier if you just visit my web site at: www.EarringDoctor.com and read about other earring problem solving products and solutions available.

You might just avoid some of the common problems that occur or find a way to simply solve the problem.

Happy earring wearing!

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