Tired of your French Clip earrings pinching you every time you wear them? Add a pair of Pillows inside the loop of your clip earring closure for a comfortable fit for every occasion!

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Pillows are soft, clear, hypoallergenic surgical silicone cushions that add comfort to Omega / French clip style earrings while providing an earring lift. Form fits inserts to the shape of this type of clip.

Use the small Pillows for “Huggy” style earrings by inserting the earring post into the earlobe. Put a small Pillows™ on the post, then snap the Huggy style earring closed.

Can be used to take up the “gap” between earlobe and “Huggy” earrings by placing on the post behind the earlobe and closing the catch.

  • Adds stability to earring
  • Enhances earring presentation by uplifting any earring droop
  • 4 Pairs Per Box in Small, Medium, and Large
  • Assorted sizes