The Perfect Fit

People come in all shapes and sizes, same goes with jewelry. Selecting the perfect pair to compliment your attire and facial structure can be quite the challenge. Do you go with hoops? Chandeliers? Pearls? Or dangles? With your outfit, makeup and hairstyle to keep in mind, the finishing touch can be more stressful than satisfying.

Take a second to review my recommendations on the perfect fit for your facial structure;


Considered the luckiest face structure of them all, oval shapes can pull off just about any style. With a wide forehead and prominent cheekbones, the choice is yours but be warned long pieces will dull your sparkle blending in with the sides of your face.


With such pronounced features, your accessory should soften not enhance your already striking structure. With such a bold frame, gear more towards round, curved or multi tiered pieces, in particular oversized hoops and chandeliers.


With a noticeable point in the chin, it’s important to find flattering pieces that bring balance to the wideness of this particular facial makeup. Look for teardrops, triangular, chandeliers, or medium sized hoops as an addition, steering clear of studs and minis. Why go small when you can afford to flaunt an edge?


Find fulfillment for a fuller face with simple, long, lengthy styles. Rounded, curved or flashy sets will only give you more of an O shape, rather than a desired oval. Volume isn’t always necessarily better, sometimes simple and chic make more of a statement.


With such an elegant structure, long and lean deserves a bit of bling. Accentuating the cheek bones, you want to reduce the appearance of length with simple, elegant hoops or studs. Flashy takes away from the natural beauty, soft and poised screams sophisticated.


Being such a unique facial structure, diamonds really are a treasure. Ditch the dramatics and go for the simple, clean cut options. Your structure is already uncommon, no need to dress up when natural is beauty.

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