Why do earrings & jewelry turn green/black or make your skin itch and get red?

Don’t panic! You’re not morphing into the Hulk, it’s your skin showing signs of an allergic reaction called contact dermatitis. In fact, researchers suggest that more than 44% of people are allergic to their most attractive and favorite pieces of jewelry. The green residue left on your skin is the metal reacting to your sweat or lotion soaked skin; it’s harmless and can typically be found in anything other than stainless steel and white gold.

Good news! The Earring Doctor has found the solution to this minor chameleon effect. Reaction Block acts as a protective shield formulated by a team of professional lab chemists. Two coats to the metal later, the itch from a reaction called Nickle dermatitis will fade away and will no longer be there to scratch and the green color change aftermath will disappear too. Coat your rings, clasps, chains, pendants, or eyeglass frames today! Works wherever any metal touches your skin.