Why the Earlobe is the Best Place on the Body to Pierce

Earrings can change an entire outfit. They can be subtle, powerful, elegant, ceremonial, or sweet. If you’re on the fence about getting your own ears pierced or investing in a pair of clip-ons, here are fives reasons the earlobe is the best place on the body to pierce. 

#1: It Heals Quickly

The earlobe is often the first piercing people get on their body. It’s not an overly painful spot to pierce, and generally heals in 4-6 weeks. The skin on the earlobe can easily handle being pierced, and looks beautiful when done!

#2: It’s Classic 

Earlobe piercings are a beautiful, classic way to wear jewelry on the face. Men and women from all around the world have been piercing their earlobes for hundreds of years for various reasons. No matter the reason, earlobe jewelry always looks classic. 

#3: You Can Pierce the Earlobe in More Than One Spot

The upper ear lobe is another popular place for people to pierce. Like the regular lobe piercing, it is not very painful to pierce and can complement the first piercing very nicely. People often wear earrings that connect the regular lobe piercing to the upper lobe piercing, which is a subtle but beautiful touch.

#4: You Can Wear a Variety of Different Earrings on the Earlobe

The earlobe is one of the only body piercings that looks great with various different styles of jewelry. These styles include fish hooks, screw backs, lever backs, latch backs and more.

#5: You Don’t Even Have to Pierce Your Ear to Be Able to Wear Earrings

Earlobes that aren’t pierced look great with clip-on earrings. If you have earrings for pierced ears, but yours aren’t pierced, purchase the Earring Doctor Earring Converters to turn your post-style earrings into clip-on earrings.


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